Active Turism


Arzúa Town Council provides a wide range of sports facilities which allow the practice of healthy activities, both indoors and outdoors. An ideal complement to complete the stay for the whole family.

“Viso” Multisport Complex
11-a-side football pitch (also equipped for two 7-a-side football pitches)
Athletics tracks
2 outdoor tennis courts
Outdoor multi-sports court
Sports complex pavilion
Heated swimming pool ( equipped with two gyms, two saunas, aerobics room...)
Outdoor swimming pool
2 paddle tennis courts
Volleyball court
Traditional games area

Multi-sports outdoors courts
O Couto
A Mella
Hortas de Dombodán
Ribadiso Leisure Area
Sta. María traditional games area
Cruceiro Sports Pavilion
Castañeda football pitch


With over 100 km of greenways, Arzúa is an ideal destination to enjoy a family trip at a pedalling pace. There are plenty of options to explore with children. Discover the most beautiful itineraries for your family trip.

Arzúa-Rendal-Golán-Orois and Maceda
Distance: 33.7 Km
Diffliculty: Average

Starting from the village of Quenlla towards O Viso valley, going up towards Rendal parish and continuing through A Uceira and Orois mountains, bordering “O Couto do Camiño” in the parish of Maceda, and then heading towards Pena Larga and returning to the parish of Rendal through the village of Fucarelos. From there, we will connect with one of the most beautiful stretches of the Pilgrims' Route to Santiago de Compostela, crossing the Roman Bridge of Ribadiso.


Information and guide to walking routes classified by length and difficulty.

Arzúa conceals many magical places to discover. Whether you are an experienced trekker or a newcomer, discover our suggested routes. In order for everyone to find what they are looking for, we have selected an average/easy circuit for beginners and a slightly more difficult one for the more experienced hikers.

“Fervenza das Hortas” Route
Distance: 19.8 Km
Duration: 4 h
Difficulty: Average

It begins next to the river Iso in “A Fonte Santa”, its most outstanding landmarks are “O Torrente de Maroxo”, which finishes in the reserve of the same name and offers a unique panoramic view of the town of Arzúa. Another highlight is the Portodemouros reservoir, built in 1968 in the Ulla river basin, on the border between the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra. We will then reach the “Enredo do Abelleiro”, an interesting thematic museum on honey and bee-keeping. The route ends at A Fervenza das Hortas, one of the natural boundaries between the municipalities of Arzúa and Touro.