Stoves in the Way

Arzúa's quality and wealth of gastronomy, as a melting pot of the cultures that merge on the Way, make it one of the most famous Galician towns for its gastronomy. Despite being known mainly for its cheeses, especially for the “Arzúa-Ulloa” Denomination of Origin cheese, it has a much wider offer thanks to the quality of its meats, its innovative pastries, its honey and the variety of its vegetable garden.


Information and guide to handicraft products, designation of origin, local markets, etc.

Chees Route

Arzúa cheese is, beyond any doubt, our greatest reference inside and outside our borders. Our “Arzúa-Ulloa” designation of origin is a quality brand highly valued among consumers and also among professionals in the sector, achieving many national and international distinctions and awards. Arzúa cheese dairies offer visitors guided tours of their facilities, where they can see first-hand the process of making our cheese.